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About Us

Story Of the Journey of Astor Bespoke

Founded in 1965 and with experience of three generations in the tailoring industry, we developed a reputation for quality workmanship amongst every aspect of the trade and work with some of the most respected names and companies. Our clientele include people from major banks, accounting firms, law firms, politicians, and real estate.

At Astor Bespoke, we understand that a good suit is about perfect fit for your investment in our team of expert tailors . While the fit and fabric is the first thing that we see in a suit, we take special care in its construction and details which make it a Handmade Bespoke Suit.
We also provide you with luxurious custom made shirts tailored to your unique measurements, ensuring perfect fit, comfort and style. Our specialties also include - Sports Jacket, Wedding Suits, Tuxedo, Waistcoats, Overcoats, Trousers, and Chinos.

How it Works

We do not have any established patterns, individual paper pattern are cut from scratch using individual measurements of the clients. Our master fitters will set up your fitting session in your preferred location. Your personal fitting with our consultant involves a style and fabric selection. We provide you a package suitable to your taste and budget, and we create your unique measurement profile.

So if you're in need of new gear, don't pull some mass-manufactured mess off the racks - consult the professionals at Astor Bespoke Clothiers. We have consultants traveling to the countries mentioned below, to book an appointment email us, or book a session by filling the appointment form online

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Your master tailors - visiting major cities in Australia, Canada, USA and Europe